Colour Game

Sunday, October 26, 2008 by innovative_edge

This is an interesting tool/test that my friend Nathan Dryden posted on BePositive.

I got a 16! What is your score?

What’s cool is how closely it connects to my Visual Thinking class, in which we just finished a study of color/word associations through Shigenobu Kobayashi’s “Colorist.” This book maps words and colors to provide a very useful tool of presentation for those in visual arts.

I took screen shots of three different buildings from King Street in Madison, WI and made a pallete of four prominent colors from each facade.

We then took ideas about relating colors and words from Kobayashi and
integrated our color palette with Kobayashi’s word/color map.

This allowed us to gather word associations from the colors we acquired from our street. With these words and colors we then designed a very basic mach-up of a neighborhood branding.

This is the final product.

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