Mozilla Project Beginning

Sunday, October 26, 2008 by innovative_edge

Right now in my Innovation & Progress class we are doing research on an innovative company. My company is Mozilla. The eventually goal will be to give a brief history of Mozilla, descirbe their process of innovation, and then predict how they might go about innovating in the future.

Below is a sketch of an idea I have for how to illustrate the distribution and workings of Mozillas groups, teams, and how they go about bringing in outside ideas through their Mozilla Public License.

What is going on here you ask? I know, it’s kind of difficult to see, but just generally…

The goal of this visualization will be to demonstrate the connections between Mozilla and it’s all of it’s contributing communities.

—> On the left you have the start of a project, idea, or general goal.

—> On the far right is the path of the purpose of the project.

—> In the middle, you have the current project completion. Each circle represents a person contributing to the project.

Each person comes to the project from different angle and background. Everyone has something different to offer. They move into the project and move out during daily cycles taking in new experiences and inputs that they use to continue to contribute to the project. Many of these inputs that are gathered come from interactions from other people outside of Mozilla.

These are other companies, forums, and communities that interact with Mozilla and share in their open innovation model.