Roller Coaster Life Study

Sunday, October 26, 2008 by innovative_edge

I’ve seen many people do these things where they make it a point to take a picture of themselves every day without fail. I tried this for a few day. Here are my days…

This is one way that people analyze their day-to-day lives. I’d like to take a new approach.

A Roller Coaster Life Study

Everyone’s life is a roller coaster, but I would like to visually plot mine as one. I am going to develop a chart system that will allow me to plot my mood in relation to my activities and order. For example, if I go mountain biking, and then take a nap; will I be happier for the rest of the day than if I made lunch immediately after I went biking.

Hopefully this makes some sense in text, but I will soon be posting my scibbles! Then, once my study has finished, I will post the tool for you to do your own!

Check back later today as I will be scanning my doodles after class!

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