Visual Map of Mozilla Open Innovation Model

Tuesday, October 28, 2008 by innovative_edge

If you remember the sketch that I posted a week or two ago, here is my first draft. I've shown it to a friend or two and emailed it to my professor as well, but just important, is what it means to you!

So, please! Tell me what you think. What I really need to know is what it means to you and if what I am trying to get across is clearly communicated. Thanks for looking!

Here is a link to download the full .pdf if you prefer to view it in High Res.


Rob Dewey said...

Nice work. A few thoughts: The highlighted line doesn't engage any of your outside contributor circles directly. Is that what you intended? Does it all ultimately filter through employees? Is this pattern applicable to all Mozilla projects? Projects could be another layer. Also, your use of color tints implies a third dimension; this model would lend itself nicely to 3D rendering.