No Mega Ride... :(

Sunday, October 26, 2008 by innovative_edge

I’ve been looking forward to the MORC (Minnesota Offroad Cyclists) MEGA RIDE II that was scheduled today. The Mega Ride is a tour of the Twin Cities best single track totalling about 50 miles! However, to my dismay, last night at 12:30am it was cancelled.

I’m still not entirely sure why… Yesterday and for the past couple days of rain the weather for today looked unfavorable, but the trails had most of yesterday afternoon and all of last night to dry out. Rain was predicted for early early this morning, which is probably why it was canclled, but I really wish we could have somehow gone through with it.

Fortunately, I did get to ride today. I was grinding tooth and nail to ride. I wanted it so bad, but unfortunately, today was not my day. I just felt sluggish. It may have been my poorly nutritioned breakfast, but I just rode like crap. I started fast and would have spurts, but then I would also have spurts of terrible. I walked through a couple of the Expert sections that I would normally breeze through.

I think this section took a good bit of my big chainring hostage… I haven’t seen it since.

There is a group ride up at the Milaca trail system about an hour north of the cities, but the weather looks like snow tomorrow with temps in the low 30’s… I still haven’t decided if I’m hardcore enough for that. We will have to see!

I’ve also got to start taking pictures when I ride. My friend Jake Kuchta did a great job earlier this semester when we were out together, but I haven’t had any since. Here are couple from our September Adventure —>

Me on my brother’s 4500 beater machine equipped with SID Race Ti Fork… HAh!

Kuchta killin it in the air… cus he’s white…

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