More Members + More Posts = More Ideas

Monday, September 29, 2008 by innovative_edge

First of all, I would like to thank all of the Alabama natives that have recently made the migration over to the dark side. Thanks for joining guys!

Don't forget that if you have a blog, a Facebook, a MySpace, LJ, whatever, please post us! We want to spread the word as much as possible and get the word out to the rest of the internet about what it is we are doing here!

My Marketing class has been an intense wave of input, ideas, and new websites and tools. I will be continuing to re-arrange the website in order to make it more clear and content emphasizing.

I also am continuing to evolve the BePositive general description of sorts as a 30-second talking point that will let us easily explain what BePositive is about.

Keep your eye on the "Manifesto" tab for a glance into the core ideas of what BePositive is all about. This will be the place to see the evolving state of the community.

The other day I installed Google Analytics on the BePositive site, and WOW! This is one powerfull and rich tool! I highly recommend this free service to anyone who has a website/blog that they want to see who all is coming too, but not just their friends and family that are already followers.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008 by innovative_edge

At this time, I think it is important to at least have a "soft" opening. Like a hotel. Like the hotel in Ocean's 13.

The blog will be the official "BePositive Build Blog" and will detail our process of building a community here with BePositive.

BePositive is a project that Brandon Watson and I (Jake Szymanski) have been working on for about a year now. We are the founders and moderators who will be around to stoke the fire and do our best to push the limits of this community. That said, don't be afraid to add Brandon as a friend on the site.

Right now, when you first come to the site and click on the "Blog" tab, you will get Brandon's Blog. For now, this will serve as the official BePositive Blog. BePositive is a community of interdisciplinary with diverse interests. Fortunately, we are all here with one thing in common. A thirst for innovation. The core principles of this will be outlined in Brandon's blog. There are some ideas that this site has been founded on that are key to what we are doing here. So please, read Brandon's blog and you will pick up on the essence and oneness of what is going on here.

As you may have witnessed, we gained a few members tonight! It makes me innumerably happy to see people joining BePositive. To see people join and get involved will be my greatest satisfaction.

I personally addressed about a dozen people on Facebook today, so hopefully we should see a few more people drift in over the next couple days.

So, to all of you who recently joined, thank you again! I can't wait to see your crazy new ideas inhabiting the space of the forums.

On a construction note; Brandon and I had a really good talk tonight on making the purpose of BePositive more clear and some of the way that we want to go about this. You may start to minor things on the site shift and change a little bit, but don't worry. It's gonna happen. That's what BePositive is about after all isn't it? Change and innovation!

Forum Population

by innovative_edge

Currently, I am just doing my best to get some content into the Forums. Hopefully I can get people posting and excited about things that I find online and learn about in class. Sometimes I wonder if I am just out to learn all the things that the world has to offer instead of discovering then when they are completely new to other people.

However, the problem with me jumping in and populating all the forums is that that is not what BePositive is about. BePositive is about the contribution of many people, not just the ideas of one. This is what will make it great.

So, if you're reading this. Think about something you've learned recently, or the last thing that made you go, "Wow!" Post it! I'd love to see it, and read about it. I will respond!

See you out there.

The Progression

Tuesday, September 23, 2008 by innovative_edge

BePositive is currently a work in progress. I've decided that a good purpose for this blog will be to record my process of developing the BePositive Community.

I am using the Marketing & PR class that I am taking right now at MCAD as a way to further articulate my goals and ideas with BePositive. Over the next couple of weeks I will be working to develop specific goals, objectives, and tactics for the future of BePositive. Hopefully, this will lead to a real marketing plan and some good exposure for the site in way of getting the right people involved in the community.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008 by innovative_edge

I've decided to start a blog in order to further my online involvement and the recording of my ideas. I think that too many of them just stay in my head. Let it begin.