Kanye West SNL Performance

Sunday, December 21, 2008 by innovative_edge

Kanye performed on SNL a couple days ago and here's the product. As WDIR mentions, the pinnochio deal at the end and break into the finale is power.

Ye is also really pusin the fashion with this one. Check out that jacket. It's like MJ leather jacket mixed with peacocks and inspiration from his spacey Glow in the Dark Tour outift.

Skinny jeans for everyone!

Daniel Merriweather Ft. Wale - Change

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Mozilla Presentation

Thursday, December 11, 2008 by innovative_edge

So, I hinted last week about my Mozilla presentation. Basically, I talked about Mozilla's history, how they innovate, and where I think they may go next. I illustrated how Mozilla innovated by involving the class in helping me create add-ons for my space ship just like developers create add-ons to enhance the capabilities of the Firefox browser.

Check out the pictures!

To continue from my hints last week: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Near Field Communication (NFC) technologies have been around for a while.

Visa uses both technologies in it's new Visa Wave technology that it is working to implement in it's cards. Nokia has created a phone called the 6121 Classic that is RFID and NFC capable, but both Visa and Nokia are going in the wrong direction. RFID and NFC are the right direction, but not with credit cards and personal information. People will not be quick to adopt carrying a cell phone loaded with bank and personal information.

However, people would be quick to adopt a phone that could interact with their environment and link them instantly to the best information about products and events around them.

This is where Mozilla comes in with Fennec. Fennec is Mozilla's prototype mobile browser that could one day be built with the purpose of ubiquitous computing using a RFID and NFC Capable phone.

If it were on an iPhone, it might look something like this:

You would wave you phone in front of a concert or event poster, the RFID tag on the poster would be a unique code or number that would identify with a server that could instantly feed your phone with information intended by the creator of the tag such as adding the event to your iCal, Tweeting to your friends about it, a map, or link to buy albums on the iTunes store.

If Mozilla can jump on an opportunity like this before Apple does by using building Fennec to intuitively incorporate these capabilities, they could be onto a whole new business model of royalties for each swipe and transfer of information from an RFID tag.

Think! The possibilities are endless!

For more information, any posts tagged "mozilla" or "mozconcept" will contain more process information on this presentation and idea.

Internet Exploder *Explorer SUCKS!

Monday, December 8, 2008 by innovative_edge

How to make your own IE voodoo plush for those times when you just want to punch Windows.

Link to full post:


Sunday, December 7, 2008 by innovative_edge

The Colletive - Roam

Saturday, December 6, 2008 by innovative_edge

Here's a clip from The Collective's - Roam.

More Christmas Cheer

Friday, December 5, 2008 by innovative_edge

Baggu bags are eco bags for whatever you want. Shopping, groceries, or school books. This season, they've put a great new play on their bags by selling their bags as sustainable present wrapping solutions!



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What does this all mean...? Hmm, I wonder!

by innovative_edge

You'll have to come to my presentation on Thursday for Innovation and Progress to find out about my new idea!

I'll give you a hint: *RFID

Lightweight Derailleur

Wednesday, December 3, 2008 by innovative_edge

Lightweight, known for their bicycle wheels, has now developed a no-holds-barred rear derailleur, that is 50g lighter than even the ever premier Campagnolo Super Record.

At $1,200, it's not cheap, but I bet it shifts supreme. I mean, look at those KCNC pulleys. I can only imagine that they are using ceramic bearings and that you would probably feel noticeably less drivetrain drag just because of that. I may be exaggerating a bit, but it is super cool.

The biggest problem with this derailleur is that it costs more than most people's bike. You would have to have one pretty posh bike in order to rock this jewel. But that's why you'd be buying this...

Red Romero and Gabriel Reed: The Majestic, Madison, WI, November 22nd, 2008

Monday, December 1, 2008 by innovative_edge

I Reviewed Red Romero's CD Release show at the Majestic in Madison, WI last Saturday for Perfect Porridge! Check it -->


Midi Hero

by innovative_edge

Thanks to @jaffejuice I have come across another insane guitar hero variation. Check it -->

Ken Block - Gymkhana Practice

Friday, November 21, 2008 by innovative_edge

Elephant Octopus!

Thursday, November 20, 2008 by innovative_edge

My friend Jamie Otto told me about this. It's an elephant octopus that lives at around 5 miles below the surface of the ocean!


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The SHSK'H label was created in 2007 in New York by the musicians Jody Pou and Igor Ballereau with the purpose of promoting their work through exclusive recordings to be found on the site, shskh.com
- www.shskh.com

SHSK'H has one amazing website.

The single intro sound effect of the name is quite surprising, but not unwelcome. It's actually quite inviting and curious. I love how the albums are seemingly suspended by strings and are accented by the best online audio player I've ever seen. The audio player is a circle that tracks wave forms along it's radii when it plays. Amazing.

Please. Explore!

This is how Guitar Hero was meant to be played!

by innovative_edge

Whether this video is artificially viral as a creation of Activision or truly a pure fan video, it is really awesome!

I can't think of a crazier way to play Guitar Hero than on your bike!

Check out the flames and KISS at the end!

Let me tell you about some gnarly mountain biking

Tuesday, November 18, 2008 by innovative_edge

Tada! So long sweet summer...

Now on to winter!

My Christmas List!

by innovative_edge

Shopping can be hard. I'm going to try and make it easy.

Leave a comment at the bottom and let me know what YOU want for christmas!

Or, you can email me at cyclone221@gmail.com!

Things I'm into:
Fashion / Clothing
The Apple Store

Where shop:
Wildside - Baraboo, WI
Context Clothing - Madison, WI or Online
H&M - Mall of America or Chicago
Urban Outfitters - Malls/ Stores / Online


1. Burton AK 2L CYCLIC Jacket - S - True Black
Price: ~$300
Where? Wildside Adventure Sports - Baraboo, WI
Or online @: http://store.burton.com/Burton_Snowboards_Jackets/Less_than_350/Mens/PRD_10600/AK+2L+Cyclic+Snowboard+Jacket.jsp?bmUID=1227040416740#

2. B.son Double Mock Fleece Pullover - S - Black
Price: $163
Where? Context Clothing - Madison, WI
Or online@: http://www.contextclothing.com/item.php?id=658

Hint: I LOVE hoodies! Especially the nice thick ones from H&M. S or XS for most anything clothing and the more long and fitted the better.

3. ASICS Split Second 7 Shoe - 8.5 - Grey/Black/Red
Price: $64
Where? http://zeta.zappos.com/product/7403319/color/2915
Hint: Zappos has free shipping and return shipping!

4. Nudie Swong Socks
Price: $25
Where? Context Clothing - Madison, WI
Or online@: http://www.contextclothing.com/item.php?id=595
Hint: I love everything in Context. You can't go wrong here.

5. H&M Gift Card
Where? H&M - Minneapolis, MN or Chicago, IL

6. Bike Repair Stand
Where? Wildside Adventure Sports - Baraboo, WI

Hint: The guys at Wildside will know what to get, but they might try to get you to buy a goofy hat...

Smartwool Sock!!!
Price: under $20
Where? Any local bike shop!

Anything Bike/Snowboard! Accessories w/e!
Bike Jerseys, shorts, socks, gloves
Snowboard gloves, ipod holder, hat, etc.

Hint: Again, just ask the guys at Wildside.

Thanks for looking!

Things to come...

Friday, November 14, 2008 by innovative_edge

I'm working on a new portfolio website. It will be up soon! Check it -->

Hummer Disappointment

Thursday, November 13, 2008 by innovative_edge

This is an ad that was recently run by Hummer in National Geographic and it is terrible.

At the bottom, the ad details some amazing, secret, and secluded singletrack.

MTBR posted this in their blog along with a story about the author who actually went to search out this secret trail using the rough directions outlined in the ad.

Unfortunately, Hummer really dropped the ball on this one. There is no trail. The directions and picture were a complete FAKE! They missed out on a great opportunity to interact with their customers. They could have put directions to a real secret trail, or better yet, since there aren't really too many secret trials, they could have built their own trail! This could have been an extremely powerful way to connect with mountain bikers who could be potential customers!

If the trail was real, can you imagine the amount of buzz and press they would have gotten through online bike communities, bloggers, and big manufacturers?

They could have posted clues, made it a bit of a scavenger hunt to take pictures, interact with a website, and get some amazing exposure for their brand, but no. It was a complete farce.

Sorry Hummer, but until you start making cars that don't kill the planet - or at least create a marketing campaign to be competent in this new world of creative media - I've got to say; Hummer Sucks.

Here's a link to the MTBR article. Interesting story and lots of great pictures! I just feel bad that the guy wasn't pleasantly surprised by some rad renegade Hummer singletrack!


BePositive Collaboration

Wednesday, November 12, 2008 by innovative_edge

I've been doing a little bit of thinking about how to spread the popularity of BePositive....

My first thought was that which Amanda, Brandon, and I had talked about a few weeks ago. Make a BePositive Facebook Group.

My second thought was: how could we collaborate with another group, band, etc. in way that would benefit both parties?

In order to do that, we'd first need another party. Brandon and I have talked about having a party or partnering with a band to do a show, but with our lack or nonexistence of funding at the moment, this is not likely to happen.

My next thought came when I created the BePositive Facebook group. In the little "Related Groups" box were our friends at Untitled and Unbridled.

Chase Misenheimer and Alex Crawford chat it up and play weekly selections of new indie music off of upcoming records, shows, and listeners requests. They really put on a worthwhile show.

You can subscribe to their podcast on iTunes, check out their Blog, MySpace, or join their Facebook Group.

At present, this is as far as my idea spans. Collaborate in some way with UandU to either just plug each other in some way or hopefully come up with something creative. We'll have to pow-wow on it.

Perfect Porridge

Tuesday, November 11, 2008 by innovative_edge

Update: Just got word that my article was quoted on Culture Bully.

Check it -->

Last night I did my first review of O'Death at 7th St. Entry for the Minneapolis, MN music blog Perfect Porridge.

Check it out after the jump


More Mozilla Process

Sunday, November 9, 2008 by innovative_edge

In process towards my end presentation for my Progress & Innovation class I've been sketching some more ideas about Mozilla.

This first one is all about the current browser war and their progress towards the imminent "Web 3.0" like the world of Aurora and other next-gen internet internet ideas.

Internet Exploder is a bit behind and is due for some catch-up work. I doubt they'll be the next one to step up the bar. Safari is right up there and current, but browsers like Firefox, Flock, and Cruz have stepped it up in terms add-ons, features, and specialization. Chrome seems to have the best grip on the future with it's application integration and movement away from the static OS desktop. In addition, Apple has started to move into the new world of mobile phone applications with its App Store, which has opened up a lot of new opportunities for social and online marketing, but Google is not far behind with Android. Hopefully someone will open up a new paradigm of interconnected PC and mobile browsing and communication.

Here I've got some ideas about how pieces of this project will be fitting into my final presentation and how I can incorporate visual and physical elements.

This is what I'm thinking so far:

First will be a visual explanation of Mozilla's history and some basics on their innovation structure including the visualization that I posted a few weeks ago.

Second will be an activity where I present a mock project or idea under an Open Source Creative Commons License. It will be pretty bare bones, like a spaceship with no gadgets or a monster that has no eyes, tentacles, or scary features. Next, I will create a scenario for the monster or space ship. Some sort of adventure that will include some sort of obstacle that will require the monster or spaceship to have additional features to completely. Then, I will ask the class to make a quick drawing of some things that they would add to the monster or spaceship to improve it's performance in it's task. Finally, the additions that the class draws up will be added to the monster or spaceship and we can talk about how everyone contributed to the development of the monster or spaceship just like a Mozilla development community would contribute to Firefox or other Mozilla Labs projects.

In the last segment of my presentation, I will segue from the development of Mozilla Labs projects, into my ideas on any new innovations that Mozilla may introduce in the future. I have more to think on this, but I would like to come up with some sort of prototype or demo of my idea.

To summarize for class. So far I've included all of these element that we have studied in previous weeks:

Group Activity

So there you have it! More to come this week!

News flash!

Monday, November 3, 2008 by innovative_edge

This just in. Senator John McCain, in a last ditch effort to gain some ground in the polls, has announced that if he is elected the next President of the United States, he will sponsor a free burrito day at Chipotle on Wednesday!


If you want to design your own Chipotle burrito, go to the Burrito Generator!

My Chipotle Burrito:

Chipotle Fan.com

Oh really!?

by innovative_edge

Pepsi has released new packaging designs for their cans, bottles, etc. What can I say, they are less than exciting. The Mountain Dew bottle looks amazing, but the Pepsi bottles are quite uneventful. They are clean, yet that font just looks like Geo Sans Light or Lane Narrow...

Not to mention: the little Pepsi orb just looks like a comic word blurb or a goofy sail boat... or if you scroll down in the comments here you will see how goofy they've been with the MLB, NBA, and many others...

Tsk tsk Pepsi! What were you thinking!?

My Bucket List

Tuesday, October 28, 2008 by innovative_edge

My friend Hank recently posted on BePositive about creating a "Bucket List" as a way to explore who you are as a person, your life goals, and possibly some sort of meaning to your earthly life. Here's my attempt at a Bucket List!

1. Married to just the right woman.
2. See the world. [I would feel so left out if I didn't, and I mean the WHOLE world.]
3. Own my own business and be successful.
4. Innovate in something I am passionate about.
5. Drive a Ferrari.
6. Complete a triathlon.
7. Have a child.
8. Compete in a mountain bike race.
9. Fly an airplane.
10. Learn a second language.

Visual Map of Mozilla Open Innovation Model

by innovative_edge

If you remember the sketch that I posted a week or two ago, here is my first draft. I've shown it to a friend or two and emailed it to my professor as well, but just important, is what it means to you!

So, please! Tell me what you think. What I really need to know is what it means to you and if what I am trying to get across is clearly communicated. Thanks for looking!

Here is a link to download the full .pdf if you prefer to view it in High Res.

New Kicks!

Monday, October 27, 2008 by innovative_edge

Got a killer deal on these from Aldo today. Regular price = $150. Jake's price = $68. I was able to talk the salesperson down on the price because they were on sale online and not in the store. I also found a 15% off coupon for all online purchases, which can be found here -->


People at the store were super nice and helpful, even though their shoes may be a little overpriced, but it just takes a little shopping around and a little Google know-how.

New Parts for the Paragon!

Sunday, October 26, 2008 by innovative_edge

The Paragon got some new parts last weekend!

FSA OS-99 Stem 90mm 6 degree rise. So long Bontrager Race X Lite and your crappy

WTB Rocket V Race Saddle

… and Crank Brothers Egg Beater SL Pedals. Not sure how I feel about these yet. I’m still working out the cleat setup, but I sure do come unclipped a lot when I don’t want to as compared to my previous Candy C’s… I have faith that I will be able to figure it out.


by innovative_edge


I need this bike...

[Trek Remedy 9]

So I can do this...

Not to mention. This kid is nuts!

No Mega Ride... :(

by innovative_edge

I’ve been looking forward to the MORC (Minnesota Offroad Cyclists) MEGA RIDE II that was scheduled today. The Mega Ride is a tour of the Twin Cities best single track totalling about 50 miles! However, to my dismay, last night at 12:30am it was cancelled.

I’m still not entirely sure why… Yesterday and for the past couple days of rain the weather for today looked unfavorable, but the trails had most of yesterday afternoon and all of last night to dry out. Rain was predicted for early early this morning, which is probably why it was canclled, but I really wish we could have somehow gone through with it.

Fortunately, I did get to ride today. I was grinding tooth and nail to ride. I wanted it so bad, but unfortunately, today was not my day. I just felt sluggish. It may have been my poorly nutritioned breakfast, but I just rode like crap. I started fast and would have spurts, but then I would also have spurts of terrible. I walked through a couple of the Expert sections that I would normally breeze through.

I think this section took a good bit of my big chainring hostage… I haven’t seen it since.

There is a group ride up at the Milaca trail system about an hour north of the cities, but the weather looks like snow tomorrow with temps in the low 30’s… I still haven’t decided if I’m hardcore enough for that. We will have to see!

I’ve also got to start taking pictures when I ride. My friend Jake Kuchta did a great job earlier this semester when we were out together, but I haven’t had any since. Here are couple from our September Adventure —>

Me on my brother’s 4500 beater machine equipped with SID Race Ti Fork… HAh!

Kuchta killin it in the air… cus he’s white…

by innovative_edge

My poor Nudies are falling apart! There are now 5 holes in the butt, a hugely blown out crotch that is partially repaired, a hole in the ankle, and a  broken belt loop! Good thing I’ve got my new Imperial Dukes!

My poor Nudies are falling apart! There are now 5 holes in the butt, a hugely blown out crotch that is partially repaired, a hole in the ankle, and a broken belt loop! Good thing I’ve got my new Imperial Dukes!

by innovative_edge

This is about I feel right now. School + School = No Food. I need a trip to the LundZOR!
This is about I feel right now. School + School = No Food. I need a trip to the LundZOR!

Roller Coaster Life Study

by innovative_edge

I’ve seen many people do these things where they make it a point to take a picture of themselves every day without fail. I tried this for a few day. Here are my days…

This is one way that people analyze their day-to-day lives. I’d like to take a new approach.

A Roller Coaster Life Study

Everyone’s life is a roller coaster, but I would like to visually plot mine as one. I am going to develop a chart system that will allow me to plot my mood in relation to my activities and order. For example, if I go mountain biking, and then take a nap; will I be happier for the rest of the day than if I made lunch immediately after I went biking.

Hopefully this makes some sense in text, but I will soon be posting my scibbles! Then, once my study has finished, I will post the tool for you to do your own!

Check back later today as I will be scanning my doodles after class!