BePositive Collaboration

Wednesday, November 12, 2008 by innovative_edge

I've been doing a little bit of thinking about how to spread the popularity of BePositive....

My first thought was that which Amanda, Brandon, and I had talked about a few weeks ago. Make a BePositive Facebook Group.

My second thought was: how could we collaborate with another group, band, etc. in way that would benefit both parties?

In order to do that, we'd first need another party. Brandon and I have talked about having a party or partnering with a band to do a show, but with our lack or nonexistence of funding at the moment, this is not likely to happen.

My next thought came when I created the BePositive Facebook group. In the little "Related Groups" box were our friends at Untitled and Unbridled.

Chase Misenheimer and Alex Crawford chat it up and play weekly selections of new indie music off of upcoming records, shows, and listeners requests. They really put on a worthwhile show.

You can subscribe to their podcast on iTunes, check out their Blog, MySpace, or join their Facebook Group.

At present, this is as far as my idea spans. Collaborate in some way with UandU to either just plug each other in some way or hopefully come up with something creative. We'll have to pow-wow on it.


Anonymous said...

Interesting... I hadn't considered their podcast.

I am hoping to start a radio show next semester with the Daddies at MTSU. Supposedly, we have a connection who can hook us up with a weekly time slot.

I would like to see what Chase and Alex think about this.