Hummer Disappointment

Thursday, November 13, 2008 by innovative_edge

This is an ad that was recently run by Hummer in National Geographic and it is terrible.

At the bottom, the ad details some amazing, secret, and secluded singletrack.

MTBR posted this in their blog along with a story about the author who actually went to search out this secret trail using the rough directions outlined in the ad.

Unfortunately, Hummer really dropped the ball on this one. There is no trail. The directions and picture were a complete FAKE! They missed out on a great opportunity to interact with their customers. They could have put directions to a real secret trail, or better yet, since there aren't really too many secret trials, they could have built their own trail! This could have been an extremely powerful way to connect with mountain bikers who could be potential customers!

If the trail was real, can you imagine the amount of buzz and press they would have gotten through online bike communities, bloggers, and big manufacturers?

They could have posted clues, made it a bit of a scavenger hunt to take pictures, interact with a website, and get some amazing exposure for their brand, but no. It was a complete farce.

Sorry Hummer, but until you start making cars that don't kill the planet - or at least create a marketing campaign to be competent in this new world of creative media - I've got to say; Hummer Sucks.

Here's a link to the MTBR article. Interesting story and lots of great pictures! I just feel bad that the guy wasn't pleasantly surprised by some rad renegade Hummer singletrack!

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