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Sunday, November 9, 2008 by innovative_edge

In process towards my end presentation for my Progress & Innovation class I've been sketching some more ideas about Mozilla.

This first one is all about the current browser war and their progress towards the imminent "Web 3.0" like the world of Aurora and other next-gen internet internet ideas.

Internet Exploder is a bit behind and is due for some catch-up work. I doubt they'll be the next one to step up the bar. Safari is right up there and current, but browsers like Firefox, Flock, and Cruz have stepped it up in terms add-ons, features, and specialization. Chrome seems to have the best grip on the future with it's application integration and movement away from the static OS desktop. In addition, Apple has started to move into the new world of mobile phone applications with its App Store, which has opened up a lot of new opportunities for social and online marketing, but Google is not far behind with Android. Hopefully someone will open up a new paradigm of interconnected PC and mobile browsing and communication.

Here I've got some ideas about how pieces of this project will be fitting into my final presentation and how I can incorporate visual and physical elements.

This is what I'm thinking so far:

First will be a visual explanation of Mozilla's history and some basics on their innovation structure including the visualization that I posted a few weeks ago.

Second will be an activity where I present a mock project or idea under an Open Source Creative Commons License. It will be pretty bare bones, like a spaceship with no gadgets or a monster that has no eyes, tentacles, or scary features. Next, I will create a scenario for the monster or space ship. Some sort of adventure that will include some sort of obstacle that will require the monster or spaceship to have additional features to completely. Then, I will ask the class to make a quick drawing of some things that they would add to the monster or spaceship to improve it's performance in it's task. Finally, the additions that the class draws up will be added to the monster or spaceship and we can talk about how everyone contributed to the development of the monster or spaceship just like a Mozilla development community would contribute to Firefox or other Mozilla Labs projects.

In the last segment of my presentation, I will segue from the development of Mozilla Labs projects, into my ideas on any new innovations that Mozilla may introduce in the future. I have more to think on this, but I would like to come up with some sort of prototype or demo of my idea.

To summarize for class. So far I've included all of these element that we have studied in previous weeks:

Group Activity

So there you have it! More to come this week!


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