Stage One - COMPLETE

Thursday, October 2, 2008 by innovative_edge

I feel that we have reached the end of stage one in BePositive. BePositive is online, and everyone has successfully migrated from "the thread" to the new forum structure, as well as having a few new key members join.

Now, my next goal will be to acquire new members in the form of new people that can continue to contribute to the BePositive Community. In order to do this we need to keep populating the forums with new content, I need to continue to evolve the design, integration, and usability of the site design, and we need to locate, target, and market to new people.

Bringing in new members will be the biggest challenge. In order to get new people to join, we will have to have compelling content on the site. Things that people will get excited about when they see it and want to contribute their thoughts. So, scour your Digg's, and dredge through your Delicious! Find stuff that you think is cool and innovative, and get it up on the site! Tell us about yourself and your ideas! Whatever appeals to you.

Next, talk about BePositive. Don't just Be, BePositive. I'm sure everyone has a friend or two that might be interested in what we are doing here. Send them a personal invitation via email, the invite tool on the site, or just write on the Facebook wall.

Lets get this community on the map!