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Wednesday, October 8, 2008 by innovative_edge

So, I've changed my mind again and decided to make this my personal blog. It will still continue to reflect my thoughts and progressions through BePositive, but I will be putting my personal ideas and experiences here as well.

I'll start off with my new bike! I recently purchased a 2009 Gary Fisher Paragon.

It's a poor picture, I know, but hopefully I will get to ride with my friend who has a nice camera soon. Or maybe I'll just find a sunny day! Who knows...

The Paragon is a 29er, which means that it's got big wheels. Bigger than a standard mountain bike. The big wheels give you a better angle of attack on obstacles and also make for an overall faster bike.

More about 29ers

So far I'm really liking it. The frame is stiff and the new G2 Geometry makes it handle better than any other bike I've been on. It's so eager to turn in and whip around corners. Sometimes it makes me feel like I am not as brave as the bike.

The full SRAM X.9 setup works great. I've been at a bit of a loss to set it up properly since I don't have a bike stand in my apartment. I'm seriously thinking about getting one though.

The brakes are another issue. Avid has long had problems with their Juicy breaks making the notorious squawking noise and my new Paragon is no exception. The brakes have very little power compared even my previous 2008 Gary Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo which had the step down; Juicy 3 brakes. Modulation is better on the 5's, but overall power is pretty poor. It may just be that not only does the rear squawk, but it vibrates the entire frame when it does it and completely ruins braking performance. I think a call in to Avid will be in order....

Avid did just release a new G3 rotor, which, coincidentally, did not come on my bike. I may have to purchase these.

This next weekend I will be adding a little bit longer and lighter FSA-OS99 stem and a WTB Rocket V Race saddle. Can't wait to get those parts on it and do some more riding! The MORC Summit is this weekend!

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